The Inside Matters

Luke 6

49 verses.

One of the first things I noticed in this chapter was the “church” leaders and their hatred for YESHUA. 

The Torah-teachers and P’rushim watched Yeshua carefully to see if he would heal on Shabbat, so that they could accuse him of something. source

They watched Him carefully, not to learn from Him, not to worship and obey Him; no, they watched Him carefully so they could accuse Him. 
They watched Him carefully so they could accuse Him.

Let you and I never be the ones who watch to find a reason to accuse Him. 

When we watch and see things coming to pass that we do not understand, things we do like, things we did not ask to come to be — let us NOT find reasons to accuse Him.  Rather let us pray to remember that He is always good and we are always loved. 

Did you know the night before YESHUA was to name His Twelve, He spent the whole night in prayer?
I imagine He talked to The Father about each and every one of them, calling them by name and discussing their weaknesses and their strengths.
He knew what He was getting when He called them. 

He knew what He was getting when He called you and me too. 

Would you like to know how The Father expects us to respond to persecution? 
Verses 22 and 23 will tell you. 
I added a note in the margin of my Bible: a proper response to persecution.

And in closing, there is another question: 4“Why do you call me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ but not do what I say?  source 

Some in our world would answer that “well, I’m just a sinner, He understands I can’t help it.”

No. He means what He says — call me, LORD? Then obey me. 
Are we not told that at our re-birth, we received Holy Spirit? Acts 2:38 Repent And Be Baptised (silver)
He came to reside in us.
He is the Gift Who enables.
He is the One Who raised JESUS from the dead — and we dare say Holy Spirit is powerless to enable us to lay down that sin that so easily besets us?  See Hebrews 12:1

And with that, I conclude for the evening.

Love, Kathie

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