Used to be Sins

Since I could not, not write it, I might as well publish it.

Jesus didn’t come because we are just messed up.

He didn’t come because we make mistakes.

He did not have to be born into the limitations of time and the human body because we make mistakes – uh oh I bought a red sweater when the memo said to get a blue one. That’s a mistake!

He came because we are sinners, not just messed up people who make mistakes. And when we do turn from our sins TO HIM we are then transformed from sinner to Saint and we spend the rest of our time on this earth learning to live Saintly.

No more excuses oh I’m just a sinner, GOD understands I can’t help it.

That’s a lie from hell!

If we are born again, Holy Spirit lives within us.


Are we going to say He in us can’t stop this continual practice of the same old sin over and over and over again?

Are we going to say He can’t deliver us from this perpetual state described as messed up?

Because if we are we better check and see if we actually KNOW The GOD of The BIBLE.

We better make sure we are not preaching on behalf of and serving the god of this world.

It is no honor to GOD when we continue to confess year after year that we are messed up. No!

Preach that without repentance and conversion people are hell-deserving sinners and everyone that dies without turning from sin to GOD will burn in hell. No exceptions.

BUT UPON CONVERSION, when we are indwelt by Holy Spirit we learn to practice less and less sin.

We become victorious over sin day after day.

Anything less fails to give GOD the glory He deserves.

Here’s the truth, some sins I don’t struggle with – they are not even on my radar anymore. Holy Spirit has delivered me from them. I don’t practice them. Am I saying I am victorious over every sin?


But I am making progress in my walk with HIM.

I won’t fully make it here (sinless) but that is no excuse to just give up and give in to temptations.

No. No. No.


If you cannot say you are making progress and there are ‘used to be sins’ that you just don’t practice anymore, then I am begging you to check to see if you really have a Damascus Road experience with JESUS. Find out if you are truly indwelt by Holy Spirit. See Acts 9. Isaiah 30:15

Ask GOD to let you know if you really have turned from your sins to HIM and read your Bible and continue to pray until He answers you from the pages of your Bible.

Love and good night, Kathie



Blanket statements are often improperly placed; we are wise to lay them out cautiously. 
By this you know, now that I am about to lay one I do so cautiously. 

Gender confusion.

If one is confused about their gender that confusion has come from the Author of confusion. 
Scripture reveals that the author of confusion is not GOD. 1 Corinthians 14:33
Furthermore, heeding The Voice of GOD will clear that confusion. 

For an even heavier blanket, I offer this one.
Every honest soul submitted to GOD knows his or her biological gender is indeed their gender and with this truth, they are at peace and there is no confusion. 
Anyone who is confused and/or is rejecting their biological gender, they have heeded the voice of Satan and not GOD, The Creator. 

Folks, some things just are what they are. 
He is the ONLY Savior.
He is the ONLY way of redemption for every human, male and female, birthed into this world.
Responsible humans must receive His sinless life, sacrificial death, burial, and resurrection from the dead as our only means of deliverance from sin, death, hell, and the grave, or we will NEVER enter Heaven. 
Heaven is real. 
So is hell. 
The works of the flesh (sin) are revealed in Scripture. 
The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are equally GOD. 
The sun will dawn tomorrow but neither you nor I are guaranteed to be drawing breath when it does. 

Blanket statements evidenced by Scripture, don’t offend me, they comfort me and assure me that GOD loves me. 



Pardon my Observations (2)

Sin in the minds of humans
(oh let me chase a rabbit: perhaps this drive to merge humans and digital technology is another Satanic attempt to mongrelize the human race, an attempt to make them unredeemable; incapable of receiving conviction and reconciliation with GOD. But as GOD intervened previously, I expect He will again at the perfect juncture. Would you like just a brush with the technology I am referencing? Click HERE.)
in this 21st Century is no big deal. 

Society is making it its mission to castrate sin (by the way it can’t be done); refusing it the power to destroy them.
And yet that is what it is doing; the very refusal to admit the presence of sin in themselves is depriving them of deliverance, forgiveness, and reconciliation with GOD. 

Denial has not one wit diminished the power or penalty of sin – it remains as it was when Satan introduced it to Eve and to Adam. (Genesis 2 and 3)
We do no one a favor when we refuse to NAME sin.  

So what is sin? 
Look it up — the Bible minces no words naming these rebellious acts. 

For starters, we may begin with Galatians 5:18-21 and then we may move on to Revelation 21:8 and if you will allow Holy Spirit, He will carry you through the entirety of His Word until all sin in our lives is named, repented of, and rendered null and void to destroy us. 

Pardon my Observations

This little essay began as a Facebook status but then it seemed better to start a new category here at The White Stone: Pardon my Observations
Perhaps this will be the only edition — or not. 

I have heard people are praying these days, well-known and not so well known.
On the heels of that, I am mindful that the Bible addresses living testimonies.
I can only wonder from the testimonies displayed by people these days and the words expressed, to Whom are people praying – the god of this world or The GOD Who made The World (Universe)?

Because they are definitely NOT the same.

The god of this world has power and the ability to grant fame and insane amounts of wealth BUT hell is still the eternal abode of he and those to whom he gives this power and wealth.

I must remind us here that JESUS said: 21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, only those who do what my Father in heaven wants.  Matthew 7:21-23

I recall the account in Scripture (Matthew 4) when Satan offered the kingdoms of this world to JESUS if JESUS would kneel and worship him. 
Yeshua did not correct Satan that he had no such authority to give — which evidences to me that Satan had such power and wealth to give. 
Where did he get it? 
Perhaps Genesis 2 and 3 will answer that for you; it did me. 

So, let us not be impressed that people say they are praying until we see living testimony to whom they are praying.
Let us remember that the acquisition of fame and wealth does not prove their god is THE GOD. 

Much to the contrary — First Century Saints (as revealed in Scripture) had all they needed but not many barns for storage.