A quick personal testimony to you. 

This is a special year for me; I can tell it already. 
It’s the year to think before I start and when I start to finish – projects I mean. 
To choose projects wisely. Are they worthy of completion? Do you have the means to complete them?
These are questions I am asking myself. 
There’s a Biblical foundation for this. Really.  Luke 14:28-30

I hesitate to call it a project but for purposes here I am. 
Reading a prescribed Chapter of Scripture daily. 
It’s revolutionizing my understanding and my love for GOD’s Word!
The people on the pages live, walk, breathe and teach me! 

It’s a marvelous journey. 

If you are reading this from a desktop, laptop to your right is a sidebar (yes that’s what WordPress calls it).
Presently it reads this way:

January 16-22, 2022
Weekly Planner Reading
Sunday/ Mark 5.
Monday/ Mark 6.
Tuesday/ Mark 7.
Wednesday/ Mark 8.
Thursday/ Mark 9.
Friday/ Mark 10.
Saturday/ Mark 11.

This is my third week using this system in my 2022 planner.
Now, using a planner is new to me because I am a limited planner and scheduling?  Are you kidding?
Many days will be blank BUT the chapters listed at the top oh I am sold on them! 

You see today I am reading Mark 6. And because I read Matthew 3 and Matthew 4 last week when I read verse 12 today a light bulb appeared!

Scripture reading.
My testimony to you today is other than praying there isn’t a better thing you can do for yourself all day than reading Scripture! 

Mark 6:12.   Matthew 3:2    Matthew 4:17 
Check it out for yourself.

And you know if you don’t have such a planner for prescribed chapter reading – you can use the sidebar information and read along with me if you like. 
I’d be pleased and honored to have you along with me this year. 

2 thoughts on “Testifying

  1. Oh how I loved this chapter! Jesus message is so consistent, that is for sure.
    Reading like this gives me a whole new perspective on the life of my Lord and challenges me to look inward to see if I am living a life that is honorable to Him.
    Come read along everybody! What treasures we can discover together!

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