Five O’clock

LORD willing I will be reading Mark 7 today.
Will you?
What’s your Go-To, Most Often Read Translation? 

As my regular readers have likely deduced I write and the next day the post goes live. 
Today, however, I have been wordier than usual, meaning I have already posted twice today (actually that is 3 times if you count KWT’s Back Page Musings) and now I have nothing for tomorrow, actually meaning today. 🙂 
Unless this that I am keying right now turns into something worth taking live. 

It’s nearly Five O’clock, Monday afternoon here in LA. 
(for those that may not know that’s Lower Alabama 🙂 )
The rays of the sun have dropped from view; the house is quiet. Lunch was late so dinner is at the not hungry place. 
Technology has been good to me today. Phone calls and/or Text chats with daughters and friends. An encouraging message from a Teacher I catch from time to time. Articles I’ve read that told me what I needed to know even if I didn’t want to know.
And that lunch I spoke of – was broccoli cheese soup. It tasted good but the texture was off. Next time I’ll do better.
Texture matters. 

There should be a message in that I suppose but this evening, there isn’t. 

So let me end this silliness and pray for us.

Father GOD, thank You. Thank You for the gift of humor, written or face to face. As Mark 7 is read today, I ask You to enlighten us; change us as You will. You know I am not privy to who comes to this page but You are and You know their troubles. You know their sorrows. You know their gifts and joys. You know what events, happenings, words, songs, and messages are coming their way today; so I pray that in all these things that they will lean hard on You and experience Your faithfulness. I ask You to supply all their needs according to CHRIST JESUS. As best I know how I speak encouragement, hope, peace, and vision over them. And, Father, especially those with broken hearts, I pray for healing and mending. 

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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