Moves Colder

I have a question for you today, actually more than one question.

And I’m not expecting your answers here at The White Stone, I am just hoping you will think about it and spend more time in The WORD and in Prayer.
I’m not a predictor of society’s near future but I am thinking as days hold more evil and love for GOD and each other moves colder, things we consider injustices may increase. We need to be prepared.


What do you do when Father GOD allows a corporation, company, or even an individual to cheat you out of money that you do not rightfully owe them? 

What do you do when Father GOD allows any unthinkable happening to swoop in on you and hurt you to your core? 

How do you handle the raw, rip-roaring emotions that come along with these happenings, and do you have Scriptural bases for your responses? 

That’s it. That’s all I came to say today.

Love, Kathie 

2 thoughts on “Moves Colder

  1. These are questions that are necessary to wake us out of our lethargy. Thank you for reminding us how necessary it is to ask ourselves the hard questions and to line our responses up with the Word of God
    I will take the time today to muse on these things instead of the musings of the world that will only lead my heart to wax cold, God forbid!
    A cold heart won’t stay cold but leads to a hot, fiery eternal death. Something to ponder for sure.

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